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Advertising Art

Objective 1

1. Learn best practices and utilize tools that model creative agency environments and production studios.

Production Studio 

Using Trello in my production studio project helped me get real-world experience with a management agency tool. 

Team Collaboration

The marvel app helped me communicate with my team members while accessing and seeing changes in real-time. 

3. Demonstrate the ability to build quality content that includes video, photography, web design, and visual effects using the most advanced digital tools for media consumption.

Objective 3

Website Building

I created a website for a cleaning business with a Wix website builder for media consumption.

Website Building

I created a real estate business website with an advanced website building tool that has new integrated technology. 

2. Create 2D, 3D and multi-media assets that incorporate compelling storytelling for the promotion of people, products, and organizations.

Objective 2

2D Images

In these 2D images, I created storytelling of 3 types of categories camper home, exterior home, and interior homes.

Emphasis for Storytelling

The 2D butterfly tells a story of how it can be viewed in a close-up, color, and black & white. 

4. Apply the principles and elements of design for both online and offline deliverables.

Objective 4

SIP Flyer

In this real estate app flyer learned the principles of online and offline design.

Listing Flyer

In this flyer, the principal design idea was to emphasize the images to show how move-in ready and to highlight all the property details. 

5. Leverage the understanding of human behavior and conditioning to influence choice and decision-making using innovative methods and systems.

Objective 5

Instagram Post

In this social media post, there was information to help the undecided home buyers to buy a new construction home because it can have many great benefits.

Story to Influence Choice

Here is a story for social media to help get more sales and influence the viewer to shop now because of the sale. 

6. Follow branding guidelines on all visual communication to maintain a consistent and cohesive message through design and execution.

Objective 6

Facebook Post

Branding is vital while staying consistent through all digital platforms for brand recognition. 

Marketing Branding 1.png

Email Newsletter

In this email, the branding message is to help the reader understand that branding can be applied to just about anything. 

Digital Marketing

1. Understand inbound marketing and SEO strategies based on evolving trends in the market.

Objective 1

Website SEO

In this website, SEO was necessary to add keywords that can help find this particular website on the internet. 

Website SEO

I added extra meta tags keywords for my website SEO to be found on the internet and rank higher.

Objective 3
Marketing Branding 1.png

SIP Logo for Branding

In the app that I created, I used the same logo throughout the app for branding purposes.

Email Newsletter

In this email announcement I explain how branding helps get a company recognized in any industry. And why staying consistent is important online and offline.

3. Design and implement digital marketing strategies that follow branding guidelines.

2. Create content that fosters the growth and engagement of a targeted audience.

Objective 2

Engagement Post

In this social media post, I tried to get the audience to interact with a question and give information out at the same time.

Content for Growth

This post was created for the targeted audience and for engagement that can potentially grow an audience with free information.

Analytics Monitoring

Google Analytics has taught me how to find patterns in a website to help grow and make changes in a business. 

Graph Visualization

Elastic Search cloud prepared me to search for data, and kibana helped me choose graphs for visualization to tell a story of the data found. Graphs have also helped me understand key performance of changes in a company.

Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 5.31_edited.jpg
Objective 4

4. Identify basic KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) through analytics for conversion optimization.

5. Cultivate leadership qualities through the development and management of marketing campaigns.

Modern Real Estate.jpg
Objective 5

Google Ad

This marketing campaign aimed to use the image on google ads with a link to the website as a landing page.

Campaigns for Socials

I created a simple campaign to show the same message on different social media platforms with one look.

6. Develop the ability to work with standard and emerging platforms used in the industry for digital advertising.

Objective 6

Photoshop Project

Using photoshop for many of my projects has prepared me to use standard tools for digital advertising. 

Procreate Project

Procreate is a digital emerging platform that I learned to use to help me create many of my projects.

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