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Student Innovation  Project

This project focuses on creating everything about Real Estate for any realtor to use and market on social media, from beginners to creative agents. The project aims to create an app for anyone in the Real Estate business including property management to find images, templates, and content about Real Estate.

About my Student Innovation Project

The project app was created for all real estate agents to use as a marketing tool. It was also designed to be user-friendly from beginners to creative agents for social media with all real estate content. The great thing about this app is that it will allow any realtor to grow and promote themselves with unique social media postings. Besides, the app will help stand out with real estate quotes that will be available within the app and with pre-made templates with many layouts. Not to mention the font, style, and color will help the posting look more creative. Lastly, the app has a unique feature of taking 360° images to capture a comprehensive 360° view.

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